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DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn) International GmbH is a German courier, parcel, and express mail service which is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL. The company delivers over 1.3 billion parcels per year.The company was founded in the United States in 1969 and expanded its service throughout the world by the late 1970s.

Frank B. from Los Angeles, CA wrote a review about DHL Express & Freight Shipping for YELP expressing disappointment and frustation: "DHL services suck they have a lack of Communication and not professional In the way they conduct their business and I would never go back to them and never refer anybody to DHL unless you do not want to get your package and pay $800 shipping no receive package don't use them I've contacted them 5 times a day gave them the information they still resent the package back"

Alex Lennane wrote a piece for about DHL accused of conspiracy dealings:

Here is the piece published by THE LOADSTAR back in May 2015

Customers have accused DHL of continuing to conspire to fix prices after it became a ‘whistle-blower’ on other forwarders, a New York court heard last week.

A group of shippers is claiming damages against a group of forwarders accused of conspiring to pass on both air and sea transport surcharges. DHL, said to be the “ring-leader”, in 2007 informed the US Department of Justice (DoJ) of the conspiracy – an act which gives it leniency from the court. But the shippers allege that DHL continued to fix prices after that date.

A court document noted: “Plaintiffs allege that shortly after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, DHL and other defendants made a general agreement to pass on all post-9/11 surcharges to their customers, rather than subject the extent and amount of those surcharges to market forces.”

According to a “high-level DHL executive”, surcharges would be “passed on to the customers as they came in”.

In a letter to the court, the plaintiffs are requesting international judicial assistance to compel testimony from Christopher Fahy, then CEO – Europe for DHL Danzas Air and Ocean, and CEO of DHL Global Forwarding.

The letter suggested: “Mr. Fahy had direct knowledge of what plaintiffs allege were conspiratorial discussions among freight forwarders and played an integral role in implementing surcharges which plaintiffs allege were fixed and maintained at artificially high levels.”

DHL denies it fixed surcharges after alerting the DoJ and the resulting raids in October 2007, but the plaintiffs allege the conspiracy “continued after November 2007 and until January 4, 2011”, and that “no defendant withdrew from or disbanded the conspiracy” even after the investigations began.

The shippers allege: “The peak season conspirators, of which DHL was the ringleader, annually set a surcharge that would be imposed during a particular year’s peak shipping season.

“The Corrected Third Amended Complaint (CTAC) alleges that the Peak Season conspirators, including DHL, implemented the peak season rate increase “during specified times” including for the 2007 peak season.”

They claim many Peak Season conspirators, who also pleaded guilty to charges brought by the DoJ, admitted to imposing that surcharge “beginning in or about August 2005 and continuing until or about December 2007.” The CTAC specifically alleges that the Peak Season conspiracy lasted “until at least January 2008”.

The plaintiffs noted that: “A conspiracy is presumed to continue until the last overt act by any of the co-conspirators unless the defendant proves that the conspiracy was terminated or that he took affirmative steps to withdraw.”

Reporting a conspiracy to the government is not, as a matter of law, sufficient to constitute withdrawal, they state.

The defendants in the case – Precision Associates Inc et al v Panalpina World Transport (Holding) Ltd et al – include Exel, Panalpina, Schenker, Geologists, and ABX Logistics. The case began in 2008 and continues at the New York Eastern district court.


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Current Employee - Engineer says

"Structure and leadership NO WORK LIFE BALANCE NO LOYALTY"

Former Employee - Multichannel Sales Associate says

"Current management is known to pray on women in the office and continue moving up the ranks. They shout “we’re a top place to work,” when it is the most depressing place to be. They micromanage you down to the minute. The politics are awful. Someone could be messing up or hindering your work, and you could speak to them person to person and if they were friends with someone in management, a simple / cordial conversation can backfire. The head of HR constantly overlooks the mishaps of management, such as #MeToo related incidents which are rampant. It sounds like she didn’t really care. The recent head of sales said to a Hispanic employee who quit “you couldn’t sell an orange on the side of the highway.” Again, head of HR was notified, no consequences. I was in a meeting with my team and a boss made a sexual joke, the joke had something to do about a woman named Jen and the guy turned it into a joke about genitalia. Please stay away from this company. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in college and think “hey this is one of the most international companies in the world and they want to fly me out to interview me to Tempe Arizona!” That’s how they get you. You are paid $35k base, if you max out on commission one quarter, they make your OTE infinitely harder to hit the next quarter so the only way to make money is by sabotaging every other quarter to make just above poverty line. DHL is a great company too, as a whole, provides a great service to a global economy. The DHL Tempe office is rife with an HR that is out of touch and explicitly lets management get away with anything they want to do, the bosses will hound you about daily activity which shows they don’t trust you and that poking a customer enough times will magically make them ship more. It’s a pricey service and you’re supposed to be dealing with small businesses who can’t afford it. The only way to get a sale is by undercutting FedEx, which has a much superior service in that they offer packages for domestic and international which DHL can’t meet bc they are international only. You’re honestly just a customer service rep to them. Bottom of the barrel poor college kid who doesn’t make money and is treated horribly. That’s why DHL is based out of Tempe. It’s the call center capital of the world so they don’t have to pay you much and because of Arizona State Laws, they can fire you for any reason at all, which usually means they document and exaggerate instances that are completely fabricated so they just enough to oust you. I hope if you’ve made it this far, you understand, there are much better jobs out there. If you don’t want to be hounded by someone every hour of the day who stands over your shoulder who faked their activity and performance (or slept with those deemed important) to the top, do not work here."

Former Employee - Field Service Supervisor says

"Indifferent, inept management. Expect 60+ hour weeks, forced weekend and holiday work as a salaried employee. No onboarding tools, and no resources to be successful in your role. You will be asked to falsify training and security documentation. If you injure yourself, just expect to "tough it out"."

Former Employee - IT Product & Infrastructure Manager says

"The role was not the actual job responsibility until after I accepted the position and learned what my real role entailed."

Former Employee - Safety Specialist says

"This was the most toxic work environment that I have ever been in in over 40 years working. People who work here spend all their time protecting their jobs instead of doing their jobs. The management team who lead my department did not have a clue and zero background in the field. The entire company is at odds within the various divisions. Not to mention the Teamsters, the kind of union that gives unions a bad name for sure. HR department there to protect management not the employees. So very glad not to be there anymore. when I was there CEO has no clue or care about what his employees feel. If your not in the inner circle here prepare to fail. Hostile environment on all levels. Working here was traumatic, constantly anxious about the next confrontation that was common place here. Pay was poor."

Former Employee - Customer Service Supervisor says

"They treat you like trash, they dont care about people all they do is care about numbers."

Former Employee - Someone In Human Resources says

"Layers of crippling bureaucracy, no true avenue for advancement without politics involved (only "who you know"), and inefficient leaders are simply moved to different roles or relocated (again, "who you know")"

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Terrible commission plan, they gear it so that its unachievable to make what you deserve. KPIs are unreasonable."

Former Employee - Telesales says

"Really turned negative when the new director came in. Most performance is based on your territory. Emotional and reactive management. Job is geared to develop you into a field sales role yet almost none of the leadership have had that role. If you want to throw a pie at your manager and dress up in funny costumes at the expense of professional development/opportunity and most importantly compensation, this is your place."

Former Employee - Worker Bee says

"People promoted to management are mostly unqualified. If you get one that is totally incompetent, then nothing you do seems to matter"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"High stress, low reward. Favoritism runs rampant at the Central Green location; so be aware. If one department doesn't want to do any work ( IC team ) management shifts all of the work to the rest of the warehouse. Management has no feedback unless it's disciplinary, needless to say, they have no knowledge of anything beyond the offices and conferences rooms they occupy 98% of the time. Cons: Everything"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"They have favorite at the job some would just leave in the middle of work hour and nothing was said but when i needed to leave earlier i couldnt. A employee got hit by a car they didnt care. They had a group of people who was going to walk out because they didnt get paid Cons: Favoritizm"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Hours is all you get here. No home life balance. You work all the time, and they expect overtime all the time. Their schedule is also super weird and very hard to get used to. You only end up working 36 hours one week and then the next week you work 48."

Courier Driver (Current Employee) says

"The good it's easy work the bad is a lack of management low wages for the line of work no PTO or sick days no paid holidays and no retirement it's not worth it Cons: Everything"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"The management sucked didn't have any respect for the employees they were shouting and making fun of us. They don't follow the safety rules for the heavy objects nor for the coronavirus. Dirtiest place bad management not good payed. Oh and the way they send peoples things they just throw them even if they are fragile or food it's crazy!!!! Don't go! Not worth to loose your health and mind there Cons: Everything"

Medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Bij deze wil ik mijn ervaring bij de vestiging DHL Parcel Beek delen, ik heb er 3 en half jaar ongeveer gewerkt als th/magazijn/loods medewerker, in al die tijd kan ik alleen mededelen dat de managment supervisors op 1 uitzondering na, en de directie vervangen moet worden in belang van DHL zijn/ haar klanten en vooral de naam, als medewerker word je totaal niet gewaardeerd al doe je je werk heel goed ( anders zat je er niet minimaal 3 jaar) heb je geen recht op je eigen inzicht mening wat gebaseerd is op cijfers en feiten, het moment dat je dat doet en het bevalt ze niet omdat het tegen ze ingaat worden doorgroeimogelijkheden totaal beperkt geven ze je geen contract en geven ze als advies op dat je misschien wat anders moet gaan zoeken waar je wel je kansen voor contract krijgt (aangezien ze je geen ontslag kunnen geven omdat je je werk goed doet) wil dus bij deze aangeven dat op collega medewerkers na, er een bezem doorheen moet voor een beter DHL in belang van iedereen en zeker voor een langer termijn ik kan wel hele kantjes met feiten hier op gaan noemen maar daar kan ik een heel boek over schrijven hoe slecht het daar ik hoop dat het hoofdkantoor is als het goed is in Utrecht dit leest en een deze parcel goed op de radar zet want er gaan heel veel dingen fout op die vestiging los van de feit hoe ondankbaar en respectloos ze hun medewerkers die er lang werken behandelen,Ik heb na al mijn ervaring daar zelf besloten om wat anders te zoeken en ben vertrokken aangezien je geen kansen krijgt daar als je te eerlijk en direct en betrouwbaar bent. Cons: zeer slechte managment"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"the communication was terrible, no one was ever on the same page. they dont train you nearly enough if at all, and when you ask questions they just give you the answer and youre stuck still not knowing how to do something. their programs are constantly crashing and then you get doct hours for something completely out of your control. i was only there for a short time bc they laid mw off the day before christmas eve along with the entire team that i started with. the only thing good about this place was the pay IF you werent doct for stupid things like bathroom breaks and your computer (that they provide) freezes out of your control"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I didn't get paid after being there 3wks. They had problems with direct deposit. Even after that my checks were short about 5 different times. Was also told I'd get certain pay and job assignments to go 3rd shift. When I went 3rd shift they did not hold up there end of the deal. There's no chance for advancing unless your Latino. There was 25 advancements while I was there. Only 2 of the 25 people weren't Latino. They have the worse management and supervision I ever worked for. Cons: Everything about the company"

magazziniere carrellista (Former Employee) says

"Contratti part-time, non vengono riconosciuti esperienza e titoli,paga al minimo sindacale, responsabile scorbutico e maleducato oltre che incapace, la maggior parte dei lavoranti sono stranieri e già qui si capisce come sia strutturato.Fanno contratti ridicoli illudendoti al rinnovo...prese in giro. Cons: tutto, disorganizzazione totale"

Kurye (Former Employee) says

"Gidin halde hammalik yapın daha çok kazanırsınız. Ömür boyu kurye olarak kalmak isteyenlere mucize şirket :) Cons: Adalet sıfır"

Seasonal Mail Handler (Current Employee) says

"Unless you want to be over worked durning peak season with no off days and work long shifts. Although it’s to many family members there so if anything happens if you’re not any kind to management you will lose your job. Cons: No off days long hours and unfair work environment"

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"you are treated like a piece of meat with no regard to work/life balance and expected to go back to work at a moment's notice. no additional compensation is given for additional hours spent working and weekends are mandatory."

Materials executive (Former Employee) says

"Very bad work conditions at pune site. At DHL talegaon site is very bad conditions to work. Also the manager is not cooperative to employees they dont any kind of responsibility."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"Dhl was a good place to work for at 1st then they started to change things. We had 9 different supervisors that left in a short amount of time. There is no communication in this place!! Group coordinators favors the people they like! And it’s gotten worse. You have group coordinators run and tell management what you do and lying on you! Management even has there favorite people like bryant favorite is heather! Cons: Favoritism"

picker (Former Employee) says

"people tells mangerment unstead ask that person and beliving making everything right before u take sides , and the mangerment didnt do anything to the other person but they walk the other person out they are judgemental and some employeds want to get you fired mangerment doesnt engage dont help leave when they want to leave but instead keeping the good people they let them go . Cons: always take one side"

MAIL SORTER (Former Employee) says

"Went to area to sort mail, never had support from co-workers, everybody had negative attitudes, learned real quick management played favorites, double standards on certain people who were exempt from FOLLOWING COMPANY POLICY. Cons: Management & Supervisors play favorites"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The managers are overly emotional and disrespectful. you dont have time to even stop to take a bathroom break time for lunch...unless you eat while you drive which is dangerous...their equipment is way behind the times...the DHL in america is trash and should let other carrier services take over...the most unorganized carrier I ever worked with. Cons: no breaks, no lunch, bad pay."

VNA Driver (Former Employee) says

"People can't have a laugh anymore , company policy forbids banter. The management who of some have been on the shop floor do not allow any kind of levity. Cons: No fun."

E Commerce Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely the worst company I’ve ever worked for. The managers were very unprofessional and very abusive in their language. I left and so glad I did! Cons: Everything!"

Air/Ocean Import Brokerage Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Place to work. Cons: Harassment"


"I hate the bait and switch game they play, pay for shipping, then pay again to get your item because of \"import duties\" even though they\'re the only ones that charge them and the taxes will be like $0.41 on a $15 item and they\'ll charge you $24 in \'handling charges\' to collect that 41 cents. Their handling fees have been more than the product I\'ve ordered several times in the last couple of years. They need a class action lawsuit to hit their ass hard."

m_a_s says

"They cannot understand the difference between Trappe PA and Trappe MD. All of my packages make a 100 mile detour, bounce around in the truck all over the greater Baltimore area before I get a notice saying how the package is undeliverable. So, I need to call them up, tell me that they were given the wrong zip code [somehow for the past 20 years every vendor has fat-fingered the wrong zip code, so instead of 19426 it magically gets changed to 21673], get them to change the zip code and my town(!!) name for the delivery. If I am lucky it will arrive after a few days, but sometimes I need to repeat the process. PATHETIC!!!"

Tim M. says

"DHL is the worst courier I have ever been forced to use. A particular vendor who I purchase from in the UK insists on using DHL regardless of their continuing failure to provide reliable shipping service. In eight shipments over the past year, DHL has delivered exactly one shipment on the promised date. Their \"tracking\" system is useless and the people answering the phones are obnoxious. I have a package that scanned into my service area 5 days ago, an hour from my residence, and now they are unable to locate the item. After 4 phone calls to inquire as to the whereabouts of this item, they have yet to provide me with an update. Avoid using DHL at all costs."

Marc Burns says

"I have been trying to phone the Milan Freight office non stop until I get the “ office cone closed” message. Nobody will even bother to answer the effing phone !! What is the point of even having a phone numbers? What a waste of time and money for yourselves! If your employees are allowed this behaviour, frankly it is quite shameful. My shipment is stuck at the warehouse in Milan and as it is delivered on appointment only and nobody has bothered to contact me, I am trying to call albeit to no avail. My shipment is urgent as it needs to be forwarded. Details are not a secret and are as follows: DHL order code EIN-EC-2733927 Shipper 42433145 On principle I will never use DHL again - period!. Sort yourselves out DHL Milan!!!"

DN says

"Ordered a small item from UK for £ 25, paid almost same amount for transportation and administrative work when I ordered. When the item arrived in Norway DHL charged once more for administrative work before delivering. Got a message that the item will be delivered to my home address, waited at home for the delivery but next message from DHL was telling me to pick up the item from a local delivery center!"

Ewen Maclean says

"Ordered something from Austria, it was shipped that day, in the space of a few hours it had made it to Frankfurt, then was only there for a few hours before speeding to London. So that part of the journey took 24hrs in total. It’s been in London for 4 days, no reason, no explanation, it just sits there. Try to call them, no contact number, no way of getting through. Complaint form filled out, still no contact. Terrible service and would never use again. Although clearly if in Germany, by all means use them they’re amazing. The UK side is where the problem is."

Heather Miles says

"They received a climbing frame we ordered on 17th Dec which was due to be delivered in time for Christmas but after hearing nothing it took me several days to find a phone number that actually worked and I was promised delivery the next day. Lunch time the next day I get an email to say it'll be delivered 3 days later, call up to complain and am promised delivery the next day. Hear nothing the next day, write an email to complain and get a response saying the slide has been damaged and is being returned to sender - 4 weeks after it was ordered and 3 weeks after they received it. Terrible company that don't respond to an email complaint and make it virtually impossible to speak to a human. AVOID."

Victoria Herod says

"Terrible experience with this delivery company. I ordered a large Savic ferret cage from Bibita. Stated 1-3 days delivery. Over 3 weeks on & the item still has not been delivered. They lied & told Bibita that they’d been trying to arrange delivery but couldn’t get hold of me on my mobile- yet another DHL personal managed to call me back on the same number & I had no missed calls. Then when I contacted them again they lied once more telling me that it was out for delivery that day- when it still didn’t arrive I called again, only to be told that it hadn’t been despatched at all & that they weren’t even able to locate the package that’s allegedly been sat in their warehouse for 2 weeks awaiting delivery!!!Had to ask PayPal to step in to resolve the issue. So no cage & now having to wait for a refund. Disappointed is an understatement- Avoid at all cost!!!"

Richard Gray says

"This company gives atrocious service, tracking information is totally useless and delivery times are a joke. I will never ever order something from a company that uses them again. The box is badly damaged but I havent opened it yet. They lost the first package but it impossible to speak to anyone in DHL about problems. I rest my case, ordered something from the same company in Germany and requested DPD as the courier, tracking info updated all the time, order Wednesday 12 am delivered Saturday (today) 11:20. That's service not like DHL completley unacceptable, I will never use them."

Peter Bennett says

"Incredibly Terrible!! This company is a complete joke, spoke to someone who gave me the "correct" number for DHL Freight... was out of service, second number I found on their tracking page...also out of service, won't be using these jokers again. No idea what they are doing."

Lorenzo Folchino says

"Worst delivery company ever had contact with. I sent a package from italy to netherlands. It was supposed to arrive 4 days later but it took almost 2 weeks. After the 4th consecutive day they couldn't find the address (seriously?) I had to rent a car and pick up by myself. There is NO communication at all between departments. Drivers NEVER NEVER call, they rather prefer to send the package back to the deposit. You can be waiting for a parcel from 8 am till 8pm without knowing if something went wrong. I will never send anything else with them."

Sal says

"The opinion and experience related to the Italian office. The goods were delivered damaged, in spite labelled fragile on their packaging. The insurance refunded my costs three months and half later and only when I complained with the central office in Germany. There was also communication mismanagement as they use one unique e-mail address, then the e-mail is routed to different people in different departments. It's inevitable that the entire process from ordering, tracking, delivering or refunding damage to goods become complex and cumbersome. I will not use the company any more due to the unsatisfactory service."

DHL, the worst user experience ever says

"You always truly know a company\'s customer service when something goes wrong, and you need them to solve it or at least make a fast sincere apology and a fair refund. Listen carefully to what happened to me. On November 5th, I shipped a package with some medicine to a friend of mine in Brazil because his little daughter suffers from a severe allergic reaction, and it was easier, faster and cheaper to get this done here in Canada than in Brazil, believe me. I tracked the package during the whole process and kept my friend informed since this important shipment had to get to its destination as soon as possible since we don\'t know when the next allergic reaction would occur, and they were running out of this medicine there. The package with this medicine worth CAD$ 408.87 was delivered on November 9th, which is pretty fast based on prior experiences. But to our unfortunate surprise, the package arrived empty. DHL in Brazil went on an investigation to figure out what happened to the package, but they didn\'t find anything. It took 9 more days to inform my friend in Brazil that they couldn\'t find anything there. They notified DHL Canada, and in a couple of days, I received an e-mail asking me to file a claim for formalities, and I did it immediately! At this moment, even though we were all sad because this simple task of sending a package with this important medicine was not accomplished because we all know that kind of things happens, we were tied to the hope of getting a fast, sincere apology and of course, the fair refund to buy the medicine and send it again. But guess what, it didn\'t happen this way! I have just received a call from a gentle and respectful attendant calmly saying that I would be refunded only CAD$ 3 and some cents calculated based on the weight of the package because I didn\'t choose to check the insurance option. I was frozen, not believing in what I\'ve just heard. At that moment, I thought that was some lame prank. But that was what they told and offered me. It is unbelievable that such a big and renowned company, at least I thought it was, has this awful kind of policy. I will never, ever use DHL again, and I will do my best to discourage people from doing so. I\'m actually going to do this bad review in all media I have access to, including my website where I have numerous followers."

Geoffrey Jefferson says

"Beware, DHL opens letter-sized envelopes (with and old rare collectible postcard inside) and sniffs inside, then the unbelievable thing happens, they email me saying they have confiscated the \"goods\" and will not refund my €50 shipping charge... They gave me one option, to fly about 3000 km to their warehouse and pick it up myself. They applied \"Other Manufactured Items\" to this item, which they say are not allowed to send via DHL! They say if I don\'t pick it up within this month they will \"destroy the contents\". Then after 8 months of negotiations with DHL (mostly no replies), (after they realized they were wrong!) they offered to me to return my valuable collectible via Sea Mail, which took 6 months to be received (in a damaged condition). I have never was able to receive my €50 shipping charge from DHL which they denied a refund of, even if finally they turned out to be wrong. Why this has happened? Because the postcard depicted an old paper money, which was not currency, yet the DHL fools decided it was currency (banknote)! How are we supposed to continue our postcard collecting hobby if DHL are acting like thieving NAZIS!?"

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